The mobile app offers business leaders greater visibility into their organization wherever they are whenever they want, and employees become more engaged with anytime access to real-time scorecards.


Alliance Enterprises Launches MyObjectives app on Apple App StoreAlliance Enterprises, Inc. (Alliance) announced today the release of its goal achievement software, MyObjectives, on the Apple App Store. Available as a free download, the mobile app is a companion to the web-based subscription software that aligns teams and engages employees with real-time scorecards, and provides executives with a clear view of their organization’s progress.
Using the mobile app MyObjectives subscribers can quickly update the status of their objectives, view their team’s score in real-time, adjust progress on objectives, and flag objectives that need to be discussed with teammates.

“Our software is geared to unleash the power of the workforce by aligning teams around organization goals, driving up employee engagement and creating a culture of daily achievement,” said Chris M. Pieper, CEO of Alliance Enterprises. “We’re thrilled that our growing number of MyObjectives users can now make updates wherever they are and whenever they think about it.”

As businesses worldwide struggle with low employee engagement numbers and the associated loss of productivity, the MyObjectives platform was developed to bring teams together to craft their own objectives that align with top-line business goals. Real-time scorecards, now available on the mobile app, keep employees engaged and motivated to reach the “success zone” as teams collaborate to accomplish their objectives.

Goal management expert Brett Knowles, who advises executives at well-known brands such as Apple, Boeing, Google and Nike as well as small and medium sized companies, uses MyObjectives to help business leaders execute their strategies.

“These days C-level executives are constantly on the go and require immediate visibility into the progress their organizations, teams and individuals are making,” Knowles said. “We have seen MyObjectives drive up performance, engagement and customer satisfaction, and the mobile capability makes it more available, compelling and addictive.”

Jim Tobin, Product Manager of MyObjectives, says Alliance will continue to enhance the mobile features of MyObjectives. “Mobile represents a big commitment to us,” explains Tobin, “So we’ll be releasing the companion app on additional mobile app stores soon. And we’ll keep adding additional targeted functionality to the app to increase its value to our customers.”

Customers can download the app from the App Store on Apple devices.