Partnership focuses on managing change, increasing business performance and implementing sustainable success.


Alliance Partners with Pure Potential Development to provide MyObjectives software to Fortune Global 500 companiesAlliance Enterprises, Inc. (Alliance) announced today a new partnership with Pure Potential Development, a leading business management consulting firm headquartered in the United Kingdom. Pure Potential Development will offer Alliance’s MyObjectives software to a global client base that includes Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, AbbVie and HSBC.

MyObjectives addresses the issues of employee engagement and goal achievement by creating transparency and role clarity across the organization while fostering stronger collaboration among teams. The software uses gamification, intrinsic rewards and real-time scorecards to engage employees, improve communications and make work more fun. Click here to read more about MyObjectives.

“We work with senior executives and their teams to develop winning strategies that successfully manage change and increase business performance,” said Neville Merritt, Director of Operations at Pure Potential. “What we needed was a better way for our clients to sustain success once we’ve helped them set a clear direction. That’s what MyObjectives does.”

“We have seen with MyObjectives that it gives business leaders and teams more than just ordinary business intelligence metrics. MyObjectives delivers a system that aligns teams across the enterprise, while allowing those teams to own their own goals in a more engaging and structured environment that’s self-determining and sustainable even as business goals change.”

Additionally, Merritt is the Chairman of Sales and Marketing at techUK, a business organization that represents 900 technology firms, including some leading FTSE 100 companies, and 800,000 membership employees.

“We see MyObjectives being a great fit for companies in the technology sector, and the other industries we serve as well, like financial services and pharmaceuticals,” Merritt said. “MyObjectives provides visible, measurable progress in areas that traditional financial metrics don’t cover. It also gets teams to buy into the focus of the company and makes work more meaningful to them.”

The two companies share the mission of improving the way teams work together. Numerous workplace studies have shown the disconnect between management and employees. Only about 30% of employees on corporate teams are fully engaged at work. With gamification elements, like real-time productivity scores, accomplishment badges and peer recognition, MyObjectives keeps people focused and engaged on critical priorities that drive sustainable business results.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Pure Potential Development because we collectively believe that teams can do better than what the research tells us,” said Sean Campbell, Director of MyObjectives. “With Pure Potential’s leadership coaching and MyObjectives, global ventures have an opportunity to improve results while implementing sustainable processes that are rewarding for employees and profitable for the company.”