Clients of consulting firm, There Be Giants, deploy MyObjectives goal achievement software and see rapid results.

Sales of MyObjectives Software Accelerate in the UK via Strategic PartnershipThrough a partnership with UK-based management consulting firm, There Be Giants, Alliance Enterprises, Inc. (Alliance) announced five new customers have implemented the company’s MyObjectives software. The new customers report that the software improved employee engagement and increased alignment across their organizations.

Workplace studies have shown that employee engagement is a huge concern for businesses worldwide. Only about 30% of employees are actively engaged on the job, costing companies millions each year in lost productivity. The two companies, Alliance and There Be Giants, partnered earlier this year to focus on bringing game-changing technology solution to firms in the UK seeking to improve their employee engagement and business performance.

Alliance’s MyObjectives software addresses the root issues of low engagement by creating role clarity across organizations, and improving communication and ongoing collaboration among teams. Also, the software brings gamification to the workplace, like real-time scorecards, making it fun to use. Read more about MyObjectives.

After being impressed by a demo of MyObjectives, There Be Giants leader Roger Longden started marketing the goal achievement software to his firm’s clients. Longden’s company has a long history of helping UK businesses improve their performance. Longden lectures at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and has published a white paper, Priming for Performance, that encapsulates his two years of research on improving management performance in the workplace.

dBx Acoustics, a Manchester-based firm, one of Longden’s first MyObjectives clients, sees improved organizational alignment. In a sound design environment that requires great attention to detail, Director Susan Witterick needed a way to get everyone on her team on the same page.

“They were impressed with how the technology solution aligned everyone in the organization on what matters most,” said Longden, who helped implement the MyObjectives software for dBx. “They’ve integrated it into their business plan.”

Binary Box, a large-scale creative print agency in Stockport, also recently put MyObjectives in play at their workplace and is seeing quick adoption. It’s an agile business, mostly millennial employees, that moves fast.

“We did a business planning workshop and a few training sessions on MyObjectives and they were up and running within two weeks,” Longden said.

Another new client, My Accountancy Place, an accounting firm in Manchester leverages MyObjectives to communicate effectively with the organization’s Board.

“The real-time scorecards of MyObjectives led to a lot of good conversations among Board members, and it revealed that they were not being ambitious enough with their goals,” said Longden. “The Board was able to make some positive changes, like the development of a new service that they’ll be able to launch in a new market.”

Two other There Be Giant clients, Parcel Partners and Plain Selling, are also getting ramped up on the MyObjectives platform. Initial feedback has been positive, Longden said.

About There Be Giants

There Be Giants is a management consulting firm that blends business coaching, unique planning methods and leading web technologies to deliver an innovative and agile approach to planning and performance. The firm’s clients have accelerated their success with the structure, focus, and engagement delivered by There Be Giants. Roger Longden, the firm’s leader, lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. Read more on this partner spotlight page.