Alliance Enterprises, Inc. (Alliance) announces the continuation of their online speaker series featuring author Charles (Chuck) Coonradt. As founder and CEO of The Game of Work, Mr. Coonradt’s insights on goal management for teams expands upon Alliance’s premiere MyObjectives Speaker Series webcast, “The Engagement Game”, which presented industry leaders in management and gamification.

“Chuck Coonradt has been lauded by today’s prominent business press for connecting the dots decades ago between game principles and engaging employees at work,” said Alliance Enterprises CEO Chris M. Pieper. “His ideas on scorekeeping, goal setting and accountability are as relevant to the workplace today as they were in 1984 when he published his first book, ‘The Game of Work.’ We are delighted to share his ideas with today’s managers via the MyObjectives Speaker Series.”

In the first of two videos, Coonradt discusses the key points of his best-selling book, “The Game of Work” – how managers can use feedback, consistent coaching, scorekeeping, personal choice and goal setting to fully engage employees and teams to produce stronger results. The second presentation delves further into Coonradt’s actionable scorekeeping for success ideas. His presentations are the latest installment of Alliance’s comprehensive MyObjectives Speaker Series, found at

Last summer, Alliance hosted “The Engagement Game” with a keynote from best-selling author and game designer Jane McGonigal discussing gaming and the future of management. Paul Niven, founder of The Senalosa Group, Ben Lamorte, principal analyst with Eckerson Group, and Mario Herger, CEO and founder of Enterprise Gamification Consultancy LLC, also shared their expertise. The entire MyObjectives Speaker Series is available at

Alliance’s MyObjectives team-based goal management software solution, combines strategy, scorecards and game mechanics to communicate and manage goals and objectives throughout an organization. A self-guided demo of MyObjectives is viewable at

About Alliance Enterprises– Founded in 1981, Alliance has a rich history of providing business leaders and innovators with market-leading software solutions for enterprise case management and performance management. MyObjectives, their groundbreaking goal management solution, integrates proven management best practices with modern-day gamification mechanics for businesses of all sizes. Aware, the company’s case management suite, provides records management and analytics for government services, with more than 10,000 users nationwide. For more information, visit

About Chuck Coonradt – Mr. Coonradt founded his company, The Game of Work, in 1973 to address the question of why people will pay for the privilege of working harder than they will work when they are paid. Named the “Grandfather of Gamification” by, Coonradt explores the winning motivational techniques of sports and recreation and how to apply them to the workplace. His books further examine how businesses can more fully engage employees and increase profitability, productivity, personal satisfaction, and success. Discover more at