Neuroscience Author, Dr. Loretta Breuning, Joins the MyObjectives Gamification Advisors ProgramAlliance Enterprises, Inc. is happy to announce that Neuroscience author, Dr. Loretta Breuning, has joined the MyObjectives Gamification Advisors Program. Dr. Loretta Breuning is the founder of the Inner Mammal Institute, and is an acclaimed author of multiple books including, Meet Your Happy Chemicals: Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin, Serotonin. The MyObjectives Gamification Advisors Program features accomplished gamification and performance management professionals who collaborate with Alliance Enterprises, and the MyObjectives user community, to advance the concepts of Management by Gaming.

In her most recent paper, Management by Gaming: Stimulate Happy Brain Chemicals, Dr. Breuning explains how game mechanics release brain chemicals that lead to increased player engagement. Dr. Breuning commented that, “Many events can trigger these brain chemicals. Gamification engages the brain’s natural operating system to meet our need to sift for relevant information in a world of endlessly expanding information. It meets our core need to feel good and avoid feeling bad.” A copy of Dr. Breuning’s findings and observations can be downloaded at MyObjectives the science.

Darcy Fleming, Alliance’s moderator for the MyObjectives Gamification Advisor Program, reflected on Dr. Breuning’s comment noting that, “At Alliance, we have been integrating gaming mechanics into our objectives and scorecarding best practices for more than seven years. The gamification element engages employees and makes goal achievement rewarding, addicting and fun. Outcomes and employee satisfaction really improve when you hold teams accountable and start keeping score.”

About MyObjectives – The MyObjectives scorecarding and goals management software has been used internally at Alliance for more than seven years and is currently open to qualifying organizations to participate in a pre-release beta program. During the open beta program, approved organizations enjoy free use of the MyObjectives software, receive free Management by Gaming training and consultation and will have the opportunity to influence the final feature set prior to general availability, currently scheduled for the summer of 2015.

Organizations interested in learning more about Management by Gaming, or in applying for the MyObjectives open beta program, can find details at

About Loretta Breuning, PhD – Acclaimed author, consultant and speaker, Dr. Breuning began studying the inner mammal when her experience as a college professor and a mom left her unconvinced by prevailing theories of human motivation. Dr. Breuning loves to help people discover their power over their mammalian operating system. Many free resources are available at the Inner Mammal Institute. Dr. Breuning also writes the “Your Neurochemical Self” blog at Psychology Today.

About Alliance Enterprises – Founded in 1981, Alliance has a rich history of providing business leaders and innovators with market leading enterprise case management and performance management software solutions. Alliance’s Aware Case Management solution currently serves over 10,000 users nationwide, while the company’s new Summit line of performance management solutions is breaking new ground by integrating proven management best practices with modern-day business gamification mechanics.