Alliance Announces Hire of Experienced VR Director, Ralph Vigil, for Strategic Account Management PositionAlliance Enterprises is pleased to announce the hiring of Ralph Vigil as a Strategic Account Manager. Ralph is an essential part of Alliance’s dedication to serving our Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) customers. As an addition to the Strategic Account Management Department, Ralph brings over 22 years of experience in managing vocational rehabilitation programs.

Ralph also served the national VR program, via the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation as co-chairman of the Employment Committee and the Region 6 Representative. Ralph understands the importance of aligning Alliance’s product vision to customer needs

“There are unlimited possibilities with the upcoming changes nationally (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act), Alliance is on the cusp of something excellent. Utilizing technology to analyze and manage VR programs, creating opportunity, we are just scratching the surface today,” Ralph stated.

Prior to joining Alliance, Ralph had a hugely impactful career with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in New Mexico. He was a part of the original Aware undefined Implementation team and has extensive experience as a field service manager. Ralph also served as the Director of New Mexico’s agency. During a time of extreme economic downturn, Ralph was able to preserve and create a path of positive direction for the division. Under his leadership, the division developed and implemented the Leadership Institute for Tomorrow, which created project management and leadership skills for employees to better serve VR consumers of New Mexico.

Alliance Director of Strategic Accounts Management and Chairman of the Board, Lisa Gifford commented, “We are very excited to be working with Ralph! He will be a key asset in helping our customers leverage Alliance’s Aware software to improve their service delivery. With his background and experience, we are eager to work with him on bringing valuable technology solutions to the VR industry.”