Alliance Enterprises, the leading provider of case management solutions for vocational rehabilitation, unveiled new Aware Express for AIVR features today, including popular support for Apple Safari, Safari for Windows and Windows Surface tablet. More than 20 American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation (AIVR) professionals attended the fourth Aware Express User Group meeting, held in conjunction with the Consortia of Administrators for Native American Rehabilitation (CANAR) Conference.

“Discussing Aware Express for AIVR with our AIVR customers during the CANAR Conference is a natural fit,” said Darcy Fleming, Alliance Enterprises Product Marketing Manager. “Hearing firsthand what features rehabilitation counselors count on allows us to continue to improve AWARE Express for AIVR with their success in mind.”

Alliance Enterprises designed the Aware Express for AIVR cloud based solution specifically for the unique requirements of AIVR. Integrating proven vocational rehabilitation best practices, Aware Express for AIVR enables rehabilitation counselors to create, access and update client records from any location using only an Internet browser. Counselors using Aware Express for AIVR spend less time on paperwork and mundane reporting, and more time helping their clients find meaningful employment.

Fourteen Tribal Nations currently use Aware Express for AIVR. According to Fleming, “Our AIVR customers are excited to have an ever improving solution that is low cost, saves counselors’ time, generates all required Federal reports and provides secure access to clients’ case records from any location. As one attendee stated, “Aware Express gives us everything we need at our fingertips.”