Travel Log – 10/25/2007


Contrasting the emotional trip to New Orleans and the heavy rain storm on Monday, the week with the staff from the Louisiana Dept of Social Services was fun and productive. Jodi Loete, an Alliance Project Manager and good friend, met us in Baton Rouge for the week. Jodi and Lisa conducted a What’s New with Version 5 training for the first two days. The Louisiana staff had dedicated time, away from their daily work demands, to learn the new version. We also squeezed in time for implementation planning and a couple great lunches at the local Harrington’s restaurant. (Love that gumbo!)

On the final day, we hosted a morning reception where we had a chance to talk with people we knew from the initial implementation two years ago, people that we only knew by voice on teleconferences, and new staff that will become involved with AWARE for the first time. Rick joined us too and had many “techie” conversations. We finished off the on-site visit with a high level planning discussion.

Special thanks to Gary Montgomery from LRS who open the training room each day!

~Lisa and Rick


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge Facts

Baton Rouge (from the French bâton rouge) is the capital and the second largest city in Louisiana behind New Orleans. The effect of Hurricane Katrina have reduced the population of Orleans Parish such that East Baton Rouge Parish is currently more highly populated that Orleans Parish. Baton Rouge serves as the parish seat of EAst Baton Rouge Parish. In June 2005 East Baton Rouge Parish contained 412,000 residents. The Greater Baton Rouge population is approximately 700,000.

Baton Rouge is humid-subtropical, with mild, short, wet, and somewhat warm winters and long, hot, humid, wet summers.