A group of individuals walks toward the glass sliding doors of the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center; the backs of two heads frame the doors

Travel Log – 9/13/2007

Today, Sue Kropp drove Cecile, Rick and Lisa from Richmond to Fishersville to the agency’s rehabilitation center. Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center is the largest of the 10 comprehensive rehabilitation centers managed by public vocational rehabilitation agencies.

Ernie Steidle, Chief Operations Officer and AWARE Project Sponsor, and Vickie Lampert guided us through a building-by-building tour of the Center including a stop by the Mary Switzer library (within the Mary Switzer Building), dormitories, physical therapy rooms, the resource center, and many classrooms. We even saw where the “IT Guys” live. The drive to and from Fishersville was beautiful but not as interesting at the Center!

~Lisa and Rick

Fishersville, Virginia

Fishersville Facts

Fishersville is a census-desginated place (CDP) in Augusta County, Virginia, United States. The population was 4,998 at the 2000 census.

Fishersville is home to the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center, a state facility for physicatl therapy and rehabilitation.