A silver duallie pick-up truck and a set up Elite Suites RV are parked in front of a one story white building with a green sign that says Interstate Batteries. A bright blue sky is over the tops of green trees and foothills behind the building.

Travel Log – 8/29/2007

The parts arrived, the wheel fixed, we were on our way by 3:00pm and finally felt like we were rolling! We stayed the night at a nice RV park in Post Falls, Idaho, about 15 miles east of Spokane WA. We treated ourselves to “army showers” (our new vocabulary for a non-navy shower).

Rick Gifford smiles at the camera while crouched next to the wheel of the RV with a tool in hand while it is parked at a rest area.Wednesday morning started with a scare that not all the parts were mailed. the shipment was mislabeled as 2lbs instead of 50. Given we needed 15 parts, including a heavy rotor, we prepared ourselves to be on hold for another day. The parts arrived at 10:38am (thank you UPS!) and it contained everything we needed! Mark, our new found friend who owns the Cascade Diesel and RV Repair in North Bend, promptly fixed the wheel, double checked the caulking job on the roof leak, and gave Rick instructions to tighten and test the wheel. Meanwhile, Lisa joined the Oklahoma Steering Committee meeting during which they gave a “Go” for the Move to Production!Lisa Gifford stands near the hood of the silver pick-up truck while parked at a rest area. Blue skies stretch out behind her.

What excitement to finally be on the road! We stopped to check the wheel in 30 and 100 miles as directed, studied the map countless times to gauge our evening destination, and worried each time we heard or smelled something strange. “Did you hear that?” “Do you smell something burning?” One time we were passed by a trailer of cows and the manure smell stayed with us for 10 minutes. That’s when we realized that the smell was clearly not from our vehicle, we laughed a bit, and relaxed even more.

We crossed the Cascades to the farmlands of eastern Washington and arrived in Spokane about 7:00pm. Rick really wLisa Gifford sits on a silver exercise ball outside the camped RV while working on her laptop. Behind her, other exercise gear including hand weights and yoga mats are laid out for use.anted to make it to Idaho. When we called the RV park in Post Falls and they had a Pull Through site with 50 amp power, we knew “this must be the place”. This morning we tried the AM workout routine (see photo of me sitting on an exercise ball beside the RV) but we needed a bit more setup.

Good initiation to life on the road.

– Lisa and Rick




Post Falls, ID

Post Falls Facts

  • Population: 21,000
  • Elevation: 2,150 feet above sea leve
  • Location: On I-90, 8 miles west of Coeur d’Alene and 20 miles east of Spokane, WA
  • Terrain: On the banks of the Spokane River, surrounded by mountains on one side, and open to farmland on the other
  • Climate: Four distinct seasons, with temperatures averaging 80 degrees in summer and 30 degrees in winter