Rick Gifford stands in profile looking at the trailer of the flatbed tow truck. The RV is lined up to the bed of the flatbed tow truck. Mt. Si is in the distance under bright blue skies.

Travel Log – 8/27/2007

Day 2 was very busy, exciting, and encouraging. By the end of the day, we had the leak fixed, the wheel dismantled, problem diagnosed, parts ordered and mailed, groceries in the refrigerator, and some personal business handled. Phew!

The back of the RV is about six feet onto the flatbed tow truck with mere inches between the bottom of the RV and the flatbed. Blue sky with white clouds are in the back.The highlight of the day was the perfect job the tow company did towing the RV. Rick hooked up the RV to the truck and backed it up on the huge flat bed truck; then Sam and Moe chained the RV to the tow truck. The amazing part was the clearance of the wheels on the flat bed truck – about 8 inches TOTAL! Eeks!

My heart A Blackberry phone sits next to the wheels of the RV and precariously near the edge of the flatbed to demonstrate the mere inches the wheels are from the edge of the flatbed.was pounding as I watched and took deep breaths. I also took a ton of photos. I even placed my cell phone next to one of the tires to add scale of the size of the tire compared to the space to the edge of the bed.

We are parked in the gravel parking lot of the RV repair place with a hook up to power so we’re operational.

Rick Gifford lays in an extended recliner in the RV, fast asleep.By 7:00pm, Rick was exhausted and fell asleep in the chair. He did a great job of taking care of things!

Our timing? If all goes better than planned, we’ll be off today (Tuesday) — more like Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.


~ Lisa and Rick


North Bend, WA

About 70 miles from home

The City of North Bend was originally platted as “Snoqualmie” in 1889. The community later became known as Mountain View and finally, due to the location near the bend toward the North of the South Fork River, became the Town of “North Bend”. The City incorporated on March 12, 1909.